Istria: 4 bedrooms, sleeps 12


Istria: 4 bedrooms, sleeps 12



Meneghetti essence

Proud memeber of Relais and Chateaux, this superb white stone mansion is a foretaste of what's to come during your stay in the country: the singing of the crickets, the tranquil beauty of the vines and olive trees, the gentle caress of the sea breeze, and the entrancing Mediterranean atmosphere. Choose a room and treat Meneghetti as a very special hotel stay or hire out the entire estate and entartain in style.

This trip will give you


We have grown remarkably fond of this oasis, as everything to do with Meneghetti seems magical: the food worthy of Michelin stars, the breathtaking setting among the hectares of vineyards, the staff tending to your every need. It feels as if a dip in the pool and a stroll around the estate, topped off with wine tasting are as much as you could ever desire. 


Just a handful of guest rooms are available in this heavenly setting, guaranteeing a secluded stay. This will give you total peace and quiet for soaking up the sun beside the pool, strolling through the grounds, or sampling the restaurant's delights: healthy, fragrant Mediterranean cuisine that showcases local ingredients (including home-produced olive oil) served with the property's own wine.

So come, stay and discover the gourmet menu and the exceptional recipes of the Meneghetti chef. Enjoy a unique gastronomic experience with refined dishes and delicious cuisine in a renowned gourmet restaurant.

Still, don't forget that the region is a gem, which we are happy to showcase. You are welcome to a game of golf among the mouflons and peacocks at the island of Brijuni, known once as the summer residence of the former president, Tito. Today, the island is bustling with wildlife – the majority of the animals were gifts from prominent political figures to the former president. Something eerie and magical remains in the air on this island, and it seems appropriate for it to be converted into an evening open-air theatre that welcomes some of the greatest actors.

In Istria, you can relive the Girò d'Italia bike race and hit the tarmac in its footsteps, as the famous race ran twice across Istrian roads. Or you can go and paddle the length of the Lim Channel in a kayak. For the younger ones, there is always Istralandia, where the whole family can joyin in the aquatic activities.

If you are interested in staying at this estate or would like to hire it out for a private event, let us know of your reqirements and we will get back to you. 

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